Sunday, August 15, 2010


I haven't written in a long time, I know, but a lot has happened. I went on trek, I started band camp, I've been working on AP summer assignments, and we had a family reunion. But I'd better go in order.
My AP summer assignments are not fun. For English, I had to complete a packet of questions that are like the ones on the AP English test. I had to read the passages, then answer the multiple-choice questions for each one, stating why I picked that particular answer. I completed that part, but the second half of the assignment I have not completed. For that, I have to write a 3 to 7 page essay on whether or not pennies should banned, using only the 7 sources given in the packet. So far, I've used all of the sources that support banning the penny, and have only 2 pages. Problematic.
For AP history, I had to pick one of the three books on the list, write a 250 word summary on it, then describe the time period it was set in, including things such as important political and social leaders, any legislation that is pertinent, and the social conflicts of the time. I picked a book that explained the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, and it was kind of boring. But I got the essays done, and turned in (2 days late, because of band camp; I got them done, then forgot about them). The other part of the history assignment is top make an outline of pages 25 to 105 in the textbook. So far, it's taking a long time just to do one chapter, and school starts on the 23rd. Yikes, I'd better hurry.
Trek was pretty much amazing. We went over Rocky Ridge, through Martin's cove, and did babtisms for the dead in the Jordan River Temple. It was so much fun, and very spiritual. I got a whole lot more this trek than I did the one I went on when I had just turned 12.