Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, I just found something new to post: I can now change cloth diapers. My new niece, Audrey, was born about a month ago, so my family and I came down to Salt Lake for the baby blessing. We got here on Thursday, and have been having fun playing with our niece, Zaylee and nephew, Thomas. Stephanie has been making lots of cloth diapers instead of spending lots of money on disposable ones, so, when I offered to watch the kids today so she and Jeff could go to an open house, I had to learn how to change a cloth diaper. I already knew how to change a disposable diaper, but it never hurts to learn new things about being a mom. Steph did say, however, that I didn't have to clean the poopy diapers if I didn't want to, for which I was glad.

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  1. Yep, plenty of those when you're a mom yourself. :-) I changed Morgan's diapers occasionally, I was 8 I think? And yours, even though you ate my candy corn and smeared lipstick on my bed. :-)