Thursday, January 21, 2010

Living half asleep

After a 4-day weekend, it's been really hard getting back into the school routine, for some reason that I don't know. I have almost literally been living half asleep since Monday; I can't figure out why, but it could be the fact that Honors English II just got 10 times harder, the musical is getting quite a bit more stressful on my schedule (not to mention my mom's), and, for some reason, almost everything in my life seems to have gotten just a bit more demanding of my attention (like chores, for instance). Hopefully, I will be able to get some more sleep this weekend, but I won't count on it. Oh well, it's just the life of not-so-typical highschooler.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, I just found something new to post: I can now change cloth diapers. My new niece, Audrey, was born about a month ago, so my family and I came down to Salt Lake for the baby blessing. We got here on Thursday, and have been having fun playing with our niece, Zaylee and nephew, Thomas. Stephanie has been making lots of cloth diapers instead of spending lots of money on disposable ones, so, when I offered to watch the kids today so she and Jeff could go to an open house, I had to learn how to change a cloth diaper. I already knew how to change a disposable diaper, but it never hurts to learn new things about being a mom. Steph did say, however, that I didn't have to clean the poopy diapers if I didn't want to, for which I was glad.